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Randi Congleton
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Baldwin Wallace University Institutional Diversity Definition

Baldwin Wallace University affirms a commitment to diversity in a variety of forms, believing that diversity is more than an all-inclusive list of demographics. 鲍德温华莱士的丰富历史与包容性有着独特的联系,我们致力于通过庆祝我们的遗产来继承这一遗产, acknowledging our challenges, 促进一个反映我们多元文化和跨文化世界多样性的社区结构. 我们的目标是在我们所做的一切中实现多样性,以进一步加强鲍德温华莱士大学的社区.

At Baldwin Wallace University, 我们将多样性定义为在承认和尊重不同信仰的同时进行批判性思考的能力, practices and norms. Diversity is a process of opening minds and hearts to different opinions. Diversity fosters learning outcomes that are enhanced by life, classroom and professional experiences, and the appreciation of cultural and social beliefs. In addition, BW的多样性鼓励每个人探索和拥抱个人独特性,因为我们坚持我们的社区标准, celebrate strategic change and honor traditions.

The Diversity, 鲍德温华莱士大学的融合与包容委员会已采取必要措施,以符合社区监督和促进多样性倡议和思维方式的愿望的方式来定义多样性. 该定义不违反联邦政府与1964年《欧博allbet》或《欧博allbet》有关的指导方针. Further, the definition does not usurp the Non-Discrimination Policy enforced at Baldwin Wallace University.

Diversity Courses at Baldwin Wallace University

在鲍德温华莱士大学,我们重视并赞赏多元化的课程支持我们的使命,并培养在多元文化和跨文化环境中发挥良好作用的毕业生. Students can take courses that stretch their imagination in a plethora of ways: Jazz History, Multicultural Psychology, Women in Western Civilizations and Media and Diversity are just a few examples.

Moreover, 学生可以通过参加各种扩展课堂的课外活动,很好地运用他们的理论基础. Service learning, community service and volunteering are often incorporated into classroom content. 在理解和掌握多重身份发展概念的背景下,鼓励严格的辩论和有意识的倾听. 课程设置反映了我们的目标,即培养学生批判性思考,同时提高他们的能力和对文化意识的欣赏.

Diversity and Gender Studies

Beginning in the fall 2010, 多样性事务与两个学术单位建立了合作关系,以吸引选修性别或多样性研究的学生. 鼓励学生在跨文化世界中探索性别和多样性的各个方面. To enhance discussions and maximize intellectual curiosity, visual stimuli such as art, films and print sources (e.g., research articles, books and newspapers) are used to guide and stimulate thinking that supports academic development.

学生探索考察世界的多种方式,并能够以各种方式过滤相关信息:单独, culturally and collectively. In addition, students participate on a voluntary basis, giving their time monthly to activities related to gender and diversity studies.

Diversity Studies

辅修多样性研究有两个目的:让学生了解美国的多样性, with a special focus on gender, and to help students find innovative ways of living within a pluralistic society. For the purposes of this minor, "diversity" encompasses cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, generational and physical diversities within the United States. "Gender" is understood as a subset of diversity and includes the physiology, sociology or psychology of gender difference, sexual identities, gender stereotypes and/or social, economic, cultural and historical structures relating to men's and women's status."

"The minor is intended to complement students' majors. 它的跨学科设计向学生介绍了学科概念化的不同方式, investigate and analyze issues of diversity. The program of study will aid students in refining and expressing their own ideas about diversity, and will encourage them to bring new perspectives to bear on their other areas of study. 顶点研讨会将为学生提供理论工具,以复杂的方式将课程中的材料与他们的研究或职业选择结合起来."

-Dr. Deb Esty, Director of the Diversity Studies minor, Department of Psychology

Gender Studies

"Gender studies examines the significance of social constructions of sex, 性别和性行为构成了个人身份和工作等社会制度的意义, family, medicine and the law. 性别研究辅修是一个跨学科的课程,允许学生从许多不同的学科和主题中进行选择,以满足他们的个人兴趣,同时也获得欧博allbet性别和性行为如何在多个学术领域进行探索的广泛知识. 性别研究课程旨在加强性别知识和社会制度的整合,这些社会制度有助于在课堂之外构建一个人的公共和个人生活."

"The minor requires a total of 18 credit hours from a menu of options across multiple disciplines, with credit accumulated from at least three different departmental prefixes. 在这18个学时中,最多有4个学时可以用经批准的独立学习或与性别研究辅修专业的教员协调的实习来代替. 完成辅修课程需要一份不计欧博allbet分的反思报告,该报告总结了学生在辅修课程中的经历."

-Dr. Ana de Freitas Boe, Director of the Gender Studies minor

Diversity Affairs Internship Program

Congruent with student development, 多样性事务为对多样性表现出高度兴趣的学生创造了实习机会, multicultural affairs, pluralism or intercultural affairs. Each summer, one student is selected to work on a full-time basis, and during the academic year. The intern supports and maintains the daily operations of tasks related to the position. 多元化实习生向大学多元化事务主任汇报,并负责规划学年期间至少两项重大活动. Areas of exploration are broad. With guidance and direct assistance, the intern works closely with student organizations, departments and entities to ensure the success of the programs.

The Black Forum

The Black Forum advocates on behalf of black faculty and staff and other people of color. In the spirit of maintaining harmony and diversity, and furthering the University's mission, 我们致力于帮助大学回应黑人和其他有色人种的需求,以确保上述社区在BW中得到公平的代表.

On an annual basis, 论坛参与赞助,并与BW社区合作,以确保实现以下目标:

  • Promote the interests of black faculty and staff
  • 协助学校招聘黑人和其他有色人种的教职员工
  • Assist in welcoming and orienting new black faculty, staff and students, and other people of color
  • 作为鲍德温华莱士大学和更广泛的社区知情人士的资源局

Membership of the Organization

黑人论坛的成员资格将向鲍德温华莱士大学的所有全职和兼职教职员工开放,他们的主要关注点包括, but are not limited to, increasing awareness of issues and concerns of blacks and other people of color.


Contact Information for the Black Forum

Kenneth Atchinson, Treasurer,

Student Services

Student Organizations

  • African Diaspora Society
  • Allies (Gay/Straight Alliance)
  • Black Student Alliance (BSA)
  • Empower (Women's resources)
  • Hillel Foundation for Jewish campus life
  • Middle Eastern Culture Club (MECC)
  • Muslim Student Association
  • Spanish and Latinx Student Association (S.A.L.S.A.)
  • Voices of Praise (VOP) gospel choir
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Other cultural organizations

Professional Affinity Groups

  • Black Forum